Saturday, January 29, 2011

Taking the track ... today

The day before the race, the Blind Driver Challenge cars arrived at the garages of the Daytona International Motorspeedway. Earlier in the day, Mark Riccobono test drove the non-visual interface car in a nearby parking lot, with the buzz and roar of the racetrack in the background.

Later that night, at a hotel along Dayton’s world famous beach, the National Federation of the Blind hosted a rally to celebrate this great technological achievement. Among the speakers was NFB President Marc Maurer. His great words: “This is not the end … This is just the beginning!” Dennis Hong, Virginia Tech associate professor of mechanical engineering, also spoke. He celebrated the efforts of his undergraduate and graduate students at the College of Engineering. “We always deliver.”

And, now, two hours before the race, all are excited. At the racetrack, stands are filling up, the BDC cars are being prepped and Riccobono is ready to take the wheel. To listen to an audiocast of the race go here:

And with that, we’re taking the track…

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