Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CPD's Newsflash profiles Sachin Pavithran

From the the Center for Persons with Disabilities' NewsFlash: "CPD employee was involved in the creation of a prototype car that the blind can drive"

The CPD's Sachin Pavithran is the CPD's assistive technology specialist and law and policy coordinator. He is also a member of the research and development committee of the National Federation of the Blind—and because of that connection he was involved in the development of a car that can be driven by someone who is blind.

The vehicle, a modified Ford Escape, debuted last month at the Rolex 24 in a pre-race demonstration at Daytona. Driver Mark Anthony Riccobono not only navigated 1.5 miles of the course but also avoided obstacles... Read more

Image from CPD's NewsFlash website


  1. This is incredible. It will be interesting to see if they are able to make the end result a safe driving experience so that blind people will be legally able to drive on the road. At a minimum, the technology should be able to be used in other interesting ways. Good for these scientists for the neat use of technology! - Adrian Meli

  2. Dear Sachin,
    Congrats on this Great Work.
    Wish u all the best.